Photo Journal (An Attempt)

Today I’m going to try something new with a post of pictures! I’m not sure of the best order and such, but last post had no pictures so I’ll change it up this time.

A map of China, which I’ve heard likened to a chicken in shape, Harbin is in the head of the chicken, near where the eye would be I think.
A map of HIT Campus, with helpful English titles as well. I live in Dorm 6, one of 2-3 international dorms, across the street from the basketball and tennis courts.
My dorm!
The street along which the cafeterias, HeiDian (explained below) and my class building stand. I personally think HIT campus is pretty and has done a better job than most US city schools I’ve seen of making sure there’s still lots of trees and greenery.
The HeiDian or Black Market. It’s on campus, it’s not illegal, it’s just a bunch of food stalls and a convenience store type place that don’t take your student cafeteria card. The food is pretty good and pretty cheap, it’s a great option when you want to eat during the off hours of the cafeterias or want to try something new.
One of the cafeteria buildings. It has three floors, each of which has a cafeteria with different food options.
The supermarket on campus is in the middle here, with the yellow and red sign, next to it on the far side is a pharmacy and a fruit stall. They all take the student cafeteria card for payment.
The fruit stand inside the market. Most things are by weight, like the US, though some are by container (like strawberries and blueberries which are more expensive than other things).
This is one of the smaller cafeterias on campus, there are 10 in total I think. I personally like to get noodles here, their light soup noodles are great.
A picture of from our activity last weekend walking along the SongHua river.
Our group for last weekends activity, pictured at the Harbin Railroad Museum (the museum’s pretty small, but Harbin was/is an interesting stop at several crossroads between Russia and various destinations in China).
Chinese BBQ place!
I take a TaiChi class twice a week. We are slowly learning a form. I like it quite a lot. However, we are in essentially a hallway in the student activity center for class, so a lot of people stare at us as they pass. It’s mostly funny, but sometimes slightly awkward.
On the streets of Harbin. It reminded me of Love Park in Philly.
St. Sophia’s Cathedral, a famous church and landmark in Harbin.
Harbin has a long history of music and arts, particularly as one of the places western music and arts like ballet were introduced into China.
I find it funny that Peppa Pig has brand endorsements here.

Next week will be about food or money. The food is great and I’d love to share, but the use of mobile phones to pay for all sorts of things is also interesting. The next two weeks I’ll cover both, I just haven’t decided the order yet.

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  1. I vote for a food post. Dying to see these egg and ‘green’ buns you eat for breakfast. Love you and love reading about your adventure!!


  2. It does look like a good place to study. I love that you are showing us daily life there and a little of what Harbin is like. Thanks for fitting in the blog project amongst all your other studying.


  3. Lily!
    What an adventure you are on! So glad that I can read take part in your stay there! Asia has so many treasures to experience!
    And you seem to have the right mindset to the cultural challenges!
    Enjoy and have fun!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. TiaChi!! Thanks for your fascinating blog. The HIT campus is amazing. Looks foreign & familiar all at once. Are there Ping Pong facilities? Wondering if the Harbin community is celebrating Golden Week, Oct 1-7, commemorating 70th year anniversary of the founding of modern China?? Any special events? You know we are always thinking of you–be happy, be safe, be well and do what only you can do best. Love GrannyKK


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