Mid-Semester Check-In

Hi all! I figured a mid-semester (mostly academic) check in was in order. I’ve had my midterms and gotten into the second half of the semester, and have some thoughts on my classes, my progress and my program. I am enjoying all of my classes, though the pace ever so slowly is steadily increasing so […]

Week 2: Listening to Chinese Recordings as well as the Sounds of the City

This week will be about some of the work for my classes and my personal study methods, as well as some of the general soundscape as I’ve noticed it. Also, I would like to make it very clear that what I’m writing comes from my personal experience and observations. China is a vast and multifaceted […]

Week One: OMG Chinese is HARD (But Also, Things are Pretty Okay)

I’ve emerged from my books and (seemingly endless) vocab lists to share with you all again! After this first week I can say I will probably be keeping to a once a week, on the weekend, posting schedule. Now that I’ve had a week of classes and practice with the language pledge, I’m going to […]

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